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Hand To God

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


...Oliver Castillo delivers big time.

...there is an infectious quality to his performance and his excellent vocals.

...partway through act two on opening night, Castillo’s microphone gave out. Screaming silently in my seat, hoping someone would rush on stage with a handheld, I needn’t have worried as Castillo’s voice was big enough to fill the room.

                                              -Mark Robins

                                 (Vancouver Presents)

Hand To God

     "...a great physical comedian, as is Castillo, whose performance should make him a star. He switches brilliantly between Jason and Tyrone, making the puppet feel like a fully realized character rather than just a piece of grey felt with wonky eyes and deranged levels of toxic masculinity. He and Leung deserve a special Jessie next year for the puppet sex scene alone.

                                        -Andrea Warner                                       (The Georgia Straight)

Spring Awakening

     "As Moritz, Oliver Castillo rocks out impressively."

                                          - Colin Thomas                                            (


     "...performances to enjoy... Oliver Castillo’s crisp portrait of the not-quite-out gay man, Woof."

                                         - Colin Thomas                                            (Georgia Straight)

The Drowsy Chaperone

     "As they each progress in their careers, dancers Barkley, Castillo, Leroux, and Wolstencroft will emerge as triple threats with their talents in tap, song, and acting."

                                           - Vancouverscape

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